Saturday, September 17, 2011

So excited for Halloween!!

I really don't have anything to say on this post...just that I'm so excited for Halloween!! Enough so to re-vamp (paha..vamp..vampire..haha) my whole blog..well I might be avoiding my chemistry too:)

Its the BYU vs. UofU football game today! I'm sitting in the BYU library staring at two guys covered in RED. I want to be like..uh are you guys lost? and then scream, GO COUGARS!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

McLuck Strikes Again

Well geez its been forever since I've written on this thing! Lets start with a fun fact! Did you know that Fiesta means party?! I was looking at a bag of chips and it said "fiesta size." I started to laugh because I was like how do you measure a fiesta?! Turns out it just means party, which makes waaay more sense!

 Yesterday I went to a rodeo and on our way out we were exploring some closed doors that had a mysterious look about them. Scott opened one and it was just a storage unit. Meanwhile I opened the other and of course there is a man with his pants on the ground, peeing. Yeah only two doors to pick from and I get the unlabeled and unlocked bathroom.

Today I left a Dr Pepper sitting in the car all day while I was in class for 8 hours. I get outside after class and set down my just freshly filled out CNA application on the seat and throw my bag on the other seat. Then BAM! pop can explodes and Dr. Pepper goes everywhere and most especially on my application!! SERIOUSLY?!?! It had allllll day to explode and it had to wait until I got into the car! Story of my life.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sometimes I'm a SPaZ

Sometimes I am a TOTAL spaz. I know that may come as a shock to most of you, but its true. I was at work the other day and a leather bag attacked my legs, like full out grabbed me. Being the mature and experienced receptionist that I am, I screamed like a little girl. Enough so that basically the whole office stopped to see who was being murdered. You gotta watch your back when it comes to those leather bags...THEN, maybe an hour later I go to check out a patient and completely miss my chair!! Full out butt on the floor and I think I said something like " oh there is a paper on the floor for me to pick up..." with my butt...right. Nice cover. Reminds me of the time I was checking out a patient, tripped over my backpack and literally face planted a the memories. The next day I'm eating dinner with my friend April, her parents, and some friends. The Jazz were losing their game so I thought I would do some entertaining by spilling a HUGE glass of ice and water all over my lap and the table. Thank goodness the server pulled out his phone and got a picture. Wouldn't want to forget that ever happened! I had a good streak of about two days and then the best one of all. Tara and I decided we were going to get a picture with Noah Hartsock and we may or may not of known exactly where to find him...So when we "happened" to run into him walking down the hill from campus, which I may or maybe not have literally just sprinted up only to find out we were walking back down it, I said, " HEY ARE YOU NOAH HARTSOCK!?" He said, "yes." To which I said, CAN WE GET A PICTURE?!?!" and He replied, "No I have to get to class." RE.JECTED. Whatever, he can't even make his 3's anyways. So yep, that's my life and here is your requested update Katie Couch :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Triceps vs. Machine

I have recently discovered that I would rather lift weights for 2 hours than run for twenty minutes. Having said that, I have yet to master the weight machines at the gym. I LOVE working my triceps, but for some reason all the machines that work them are ridiculously hard to figure out! I finally found one that you just rest your elbows on and pull down on a weight. Something I can handle, right? WRONG. It totally kicked my butt. At one point I thought I was either going to break a tendon or pop out an eyeball! Its been two days, almost three, since I sat at that machine of death and I can hardly lift my arms!!! I was just in the shower attempting to shave my arm pits and all I could do was laugh and cry because I couldn't lift my arms high enough to get the job done. *sigh* That machine better watch its back, because imma take it down next time it gets in my way.

Friday, March 4, 2011

A Trip Down Memory Lane

This video is from way back at USU when Katie and I were just freshmen...those were the days. After we kidnapped the sled, we of course had to go use it at Old Main Hill.
It may or may not be 2 in the morning...

Thanks to my Brilliant friend...

I am officially not following my own blog anymore thanks to Tara and her brilliant brains!! If anyone has the same problem, its ok to fess up to it, I know how to solve your problem :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Muddy Hill of Death

So my psychology class got canceled today and rather then go up on campus and study anyways, I've decided to share the story of the Muddy Hill of Death..Muddy Hill of Death ...of DEATH. It all started on an almost beautiful Wednesday in February where the sun was making a valiant attempt to shine through the clouds and successfully turn everything into mud. I am loving every minute of the little bit of heat however and I don't even mind that I will be on campus today from 8AM to 3:30 PM or that I have to park in the boonies because of a tournament. ( Gotta love UVU parking policies...but that's another story) Anyways, I'm supposed to leave right after my lab at 1, which gets out usually around 3, and book it straight to work. Long story short the lab took FOREVER and it was a completely lame computer thing that didn't get over until almost 4 o clock. So I run like crazy out of lab and as I get outside I come to a fork in the road. I can either stay on the sidewalk and walk to my car parked a year away or I can go down a grassy hill to the shuttle that might get me to my car faster. It takes me all of two seconds to decide that I will take the hill, because I can see the shuttle coming. I literally take one step onto the "grass" and my feet slide out from under me causing me to fall to my knees. Embarrassed I jump up as fast as I can only to find my butt somehow on the ground!!! This time I just sit there and soak up the situation...literally...I soaked up half the mud on that stupid hill. At this point I'm pondering just sitting there until its dark because I know when I stand up that even if the students walking by didn't see me eat it the first OR the second time, they will definitely know something went down because the front and back of my pants are covered in mud. The only thing talking me off that hill was the will to make it to work before I lost my job. So I jumped up and acted like it was going out of style to be  covered in mud. I missed the shuttle and didn't get to work until 4:30, but I still have a job and after a couple hours of being in dry pants again, I had a good laugh about it.